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novated lease

Novated lease

A novated lease allows a company to lease a vehicle on behalf of an employee. The specific costs covered by the lease, such as fuel and maintenance, are worked out between the employee and the employer and are paid directly out of the employee’s pre-tax salary. A novated lease combines all the expenses associated with running a vehicle into one convenient document, updated in real time, which allows the driver and the leaseholder to keep up-to-the-minute tabs on all associated costs. SupaNova manages all the payments on your behalf so you’re never out of pocket. A novated lease is ideal for a personal-use vehicle.

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A Novated Lease is a three-way finance agreement between an employer, an employee and the vehicle financer. A Novated Lease allows an employee to salary sacrifice towards the cost of their car.

A Novated Lease means that the employer will lease the vehicle on behalf of the employee. The financer provides the vehicle and pays for the vehicle’s running costs using the employee’s pre-tax salary.

The specific running costs to be included in the Novated Lease, such as fuel or maintenance, are worked out between the employer and the employee.

SupaNova pays all the costs included in the lease for you, this means you’re never out of pocket!

A Novated Lease combines all of a vehicle’s running costs into one convenient document. This allows both the driver and the employer to keep tabs on all associated costs.


Taking the vehicle payments from your pre-tax salary means less income tax and more money in your pocket!

  • SupaNova takes care of all the vehicle payments.
  • No GST payments.
  • You get to choose a vehicle that suits your style and budget.

If you change jobs, you get to keep the car.


A Novated Lease allows you to effectively give your employees a pay rise at no extra cost.

  • SupaNova takes care of all the vehicle payments.
  • A Novated Lease allows you offer a vehicle as part of a salary package.
  • The employee is responsible for the vehicle’s upkeep, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.
operating lease

Operating lease

An operating lease is a short-term vehicle lease for a fixed monthly amount. An operating lease means that the party providing the vehicle maintains ownership of the vehicle after the term of the lease expires. The vehicle provider assumes the risk for the vehicle which means an insurance premium is incorporated into the monthly payment. Operating Leases are a perfect low-risk option for short-term vehicle hire.

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An Operating Lease is a car lease option tailor-made for small businesses. Under an Operating Lease, the vehicle is rented for a fixed term and kilometre limit and usually lasts from 1-5 years.

An Operating Lease is a risk-free arrangement that allows you to combine registration, insurance, tyres, scheduled servicing and maintenance into one convenient monthly payment. Payment options can be tailored to the customer specific needs.

Getting an Operating Lease is really simple, just choose the vehicle that’s best for your business, decide the lease term and nominate how many kilometres you’re likely to travel each year. Simply hand the vehicle back when you’re done!

An Operating Lease gives you full use of a vehicle without having to shoulder the depreciation or maintenance risks. It also frees up your cash flow, letting you get on with running your business, free from distractions like insurance, tolls and registration.

An Operating Lease is an ideal arrangement if you do not wish to purchase the vehicle, and normally includes:

  • Insurance
  • Fuel Card
  • Tolls and fines
  • Tyres
  • Roadside assistance
  • Registration
  • Fleet reporting
flexi lease


A Flexilease is a standard vehicle leasing option that occurs over an agreed period of time or an agreed maximum kilometer limit, or both. A Flexilease includes all the vehicle’s operating costs, excluding fuel, in one fixed monthly fee. Simply return the vehicle when you’re done. A Flexilease is an ideal option for small, to medium-sized businesses that want to use, but not own the vehicle.

company fleet

Chattel mortgage

A chattel mortgage is a loan involving regular repayments made to the financer, and suited to businesses that deal primarily in cash. A chattel mortgage gives you instant ownership of the vehicle and allows a GST registered lessee to claim the GST as an input on their next Business Activity Statement. The monthly repayments on a chattel mortgage are generally low-interest and exempt from GST.

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A Chattel Mortgage is a finance agreement between the customer and the financer.

The financer provides the funds for the vehicle, giving the customer direct ownership of the vehicle at point of sale.

The financer secures the loan with a mortgage over the vehicle. The mortgage is then registered on the Personal Property Securities Register.

At the end of the contract, once all obligations have been met and the mortgage has been removed, the customer will have full ownership of the vehicle.

A Chattel Mortgage is ideally suited to businesses and sole-traders that deal in cash. A Chattel Mortgage offers various advantages such as:

  • Fixed interest rates.
  • Fixed monthly repayments.
  • A Chattel Mortgage is tax deductable.
  • Repayments are GST-free.
  • Your vehicle’s GST can be claimed as an input on a Business Activity Statement.
  • Generally low interest rates.
finance lease

Finance lease

A finance lease is a “full-payment” lease in which the lessee/purchaser, assumes all the costs and risks of vehicle maintenance but is granted full ownership of the vehicle from the beginning of the lease term. A finance lease is a way for businesses or sole-traders to purchase vehicles directly from a trusted provider, foregoing any potential costs for additional services that may be charged by the financer.

vehicle purchase

Vehicle purchasing

We’re not only experts at finding you vehicles, we’re experts at selling them for you too.

Our countrywide network of buyers and sellers, combined with our detailed knowledge of the used-car market means when it’s time to trade-in, we can guarantee you a fair price.

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A Car Loan is a simple arrangement in which the financer loans money to the customer in order to purchase a vehicle. The loan is secured against the vehicle.

Why do I want a Car Loan?

  • Contract flexibility. Repayments can be made over ten years if necessary.
  • Depreciation and running costs are tax deductable.
  • Choice of fixed or variable interest rates.
  • Lower interest rates than an Unsecured Loan.


Personal Car Finance/Unsecured Car Loan

Personal Car Finance can also be called an Unsecured Car Loan. This is a simple arrangement in which the financer lends the customer money to purchase a vehicle. Unlike a Secured Car Loan, the loan is not secured against the vehicle.

Why do I want Personal Car Finance?

  • Contract flexibility. Repayments can be made over ten years if necessary.
  • Can be used to purchase older or cheaper vehicles.
  • Depreciation and running costs are tax deductable.
  • Loan not secured against the vehicle.

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