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Our average customer saves more than $7,500 over a 5 year term on a Novated Lease.*

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*These are indicative savings based on a salary of $70k per annum.

novated lease

Novated Lease

Employer or employee? Our experts can help you navigate the complicated tax world and save you money.                                                                             .

operating lease

Operating Lease

We’ll help you choose the right car for your business and manage it for you – with all the benefits, and no liability at the end of the lease term.

company fleet

Fleet Solutions

SupaLease look to engage with our clients to provide innovative ‘Fleet Management’ options that ease both the administrative burden and the associated risk aspects of owning a vehicle fleet.

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A boutique company with over 17 years of leasing experience.

Our dedicated team of professionals are experts in vehicles and tax. We take the time to understand your situation so you end up with the right lease plan and vehicle for your lifestyle.

Which lease is right for you?

Our dedicated team will help you choose the best car and lease plan for your situation. We work with you so you can make sound financial decisions and significant tax savings.

It was a pleasure dealing with you, everything was nice and smooth and quick as well. Hopefully we can work together in the future again.
Thanks again


You have been such a good help to me. You have no idea hoe much freedom and independence this will give me and my family.
Thank you once again, sooooo excited.


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Customer service is the backbone of our business. We do everything in our power to make our clients happy.