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A ‘Chattel Mortgage’ is a loan involving regular repayments made to the financer, and suited to businesses that deal primarily in cash. A ‘Chattel Mortgage’ gives you instant ownership of the vehicle and allows a GST registered lessee to claim the GST as an input on their next Business Activity Statement. The monthly repayments on a ‘Chattel Mortgage’ are generally low-interest and exempt from GST.

A ‘Chattel Mortgage’ is a finance agreement between the customer and the financier.

The financier provides the funds for the vehicle, giving the customer direct ownership of the vehicle at point of sale.

The financier secures the loan with a mortgage over the vehicle. The mortgage is then registered on the ‘personal property securities register.’

At the end of the contract, once all obligations have been met and the mortgage has been removed, the customer will have full ownership of the vehicle.


chattel mortgage

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A ‘Chattel Mortgage’ is ideally suited to businesses and sole-traders that deal in cash. A ‘Chattel Mortgage’ offers various advantages such as:

  • Fixed interest rates.
  • Fixed monthly repayments.
  • A ‘Chattel Mortgage’ is tax deductable.
  • Repayments are GST-free.
  • Your vehicle’s GST can be claimed as an input on a Business Activity Statement.
  • Generally low interest rates.


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