Fleet Solutions

SupaLease look to engage with our clients to provide innovative ‘Fleet Management’ options that ease both the administrative burden and the associated risk aspects of owning a vehicle fleet. Our solutions embrace innovative technology and our unique blend of industry experience to provide a client experience that is unsurpassed in our market.

Operating Lease

An ‘Operating Lease’ is effectively a long-term rental. Under an ‘Operating Lease,’ the vehicle is rented for a fixed term and kilometer limit and usually lasts from 1-5 years. At the end of the lease, the company leasing the vehicle can simply hand it back at the end.

A ‘Fully Maintained Operating Lease’ is a risk-free arrangement that allows you to combine registration, insurance, tyres, scheduled servicing and maintenance into one convenient monthly payment. Payment options can be tailored to the customers specific needs.

operating lease

Getting an ‘Operating Lease’ is really simple, just choose the vehicle that’s best for your business, decide the lease term and nominate how many kilometres you’re likely to travel each year. Simply hand the vehicle back when you’re done!

An ‘Operating Lease’ gives you full use of a vehicle without having to shoulder the depreciation or maintenance risks. It also frees up your cash flow, letting you get on with running your business, free from distractions like insurance, tolls and registration.

An ‘Operating Lease’ is an ideal arrangement if you do not wish to purchase the vehicle, and normally includes:

Fuel Card
Tolls and fines
Roadside assistance
Fleet reporting

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Novated Lease

A ‘Novated Lease’ is a three-way finance agreement between an employee, employer and the vehicle financier. A ‘Novated Lease’ allows the employee to salary-sacrifice towards the cost of their car. The operating costs are included in the lease, such as fuel and maintenance and these are paid from the employee’s pre-tax salary.

A ‘Novated Lease’ combines all the expenses associated with running a vehicle into one convenient document, updated in real time, which allows the driver and the leaseholder to keep up-to-the-minute tabs on all associated costs. SupaLease manages all the payments on your behalf so you’re never out of pocket.

novated lease

A ‘Novated Lease is ideal for a personal-use vehicle.

The specific running costs to be included in the Novated Lease,’ such as fuel or maintenance, are worked out between the employer and the employee.

SupaLease vehicle leasing pays all the costs included in the lease for you, this means you’re never out of pocket! A ‘Novated Lease’ combines all of a vehicle’s running costs into one convenient document. This allows both the driver and the employer to keep tabs on all associated costs.


Taking the vehicle payments from your pre-tax salary means less income tax and more money in your pocket!

SupaLease takes care of all the vehicle payments.
No GST payments.
You get to choose a vehicle that suits your style and budget.
If you change jobs, you get to keep the car.


A ‘Novated Lease’ allows you to effectively give your employees a pay rise at no extra cost.

SupaLease takes care of all the vehicle payments.
A Novated Lease allows you offer a vehicle as part of a salary package.
The employee is responsible for the vehicle’s upkeep, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.
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