What we do!

Vehicle Supply

Doesn't matter if you need a car, a truck or a whole fleet, we've got the experience and the expertise to make it happen. SupaNova has built a large network of trusted new and used vehicle suppliers across the country. This means we shop around to find you the best deals going!

Vehicle Finance

There are a huge range of vehicle financing and leasing arrangements out there and sometimes, getting your head around them all can be difficult. Luckily, SupaNova is here to help find you the right package, whatever your needs or circumstances. Individual, small business or large corporation, we'll match you to an arrangement that not only works, but saves you money too.

Initial Set-Up

Our set-up process is quick, easy and designed to get you behind the wheel with a minimum of fuss. We'll have you on the road in no time!

Management Services

Part of our job is to make owning, managing and leasing a vehicle as simple and easy as possible. From initial set-up through to lease termination, we'll be there for you the whole way.

SupaNova offers a range of services that can be bundled or taken individually, leaving you to concentrate on the things that matter.

-          Insurance

-          Fuel Cards

-          Roadside assistance

-          Servicing and maintenance

-          Tyres

-          Registration and renewal


Vehicle Trading

We're not only experts at finding you vehicles, we're experts at selling them for you too.

Our countrywide network of buyers and sellers, combined with our detailed knowledge of the used-car market means when it's time to trade-in, we can guarantee you a fair price.